Himalayan Salt Therapy

The perfect alternative to a beach vacation, Himalayan salt therapy basically involves spending an hour stretched out on a lounger in an allergen-free room lined with pink salt bricks, while breathing in salty air. These naturally rosy salt crystals are ground into tiny microparticles that are dispersed into the air, releasing negatively charged purifying ions. 

Halotherapy (halos is the Greek word for salt) simulates a salt mine microclimate by spraying a dry salt aerosol (sometimes with other minerals too) into a large, bare space. This respiratory therapy dates back to 1843, when Dr. Feliks Boczowski realized that patients working in Poland’s salt mines had no lung problems, unlike many other miners. 

Still today, scientists aren’t sure why salt therapy improves the respiratory system, with theories that salt reduces inflammation and mucus production, while also eliminating harmful microorganisms in the lungs. The American Lung Association suggests that inhaled salt particles land on airway linings and attract water, thinning the distressingly thick mucus that is common to many respiratory conditions (such as COPD, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, and other allergies) and making it easier to eliminate. 

More than 300 million years ago, the Himalayas were covered by an ocean. As it evaporated over millennia, a massive salt bed built up, protected from pollution by these massive peaks. 

Ranging from icy white to rich burgundy, the color of these unique crystals reflects their high iron and mineral content. With over 84 trace minerals, they include all the elements that are essential for good health. 

The anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial and antifungal properties of salt have been widely known for centuries, particularly for the delicate mucus tissue that lines the respiratory system. From ancient techniques like Ayurvedic neti pots to modern thalassotherapy pools, the healing powers of salt are undisputed. 

The negative ions released by this ultrapure salt work on our bodies at the biochemical level, particularly through stress reduction and relaxation, with more energy, better mental health, and mood enhancement. By counterbalancing inflows of positive ions from all the electronic devices around us in our everyday lives, Himalayan salt therapy improves emotional and mental health across the board.

Breathing salt-enriched air deep down into the lungs during halotherapy sessions offers system-wide benefits:

Smoother, clearer skin, with less redness, dryness, and itching, with indications that salt treatments may lessen the severity and frequency of psoriasis and eczema flare-ups, and possibly with faster post-surgery healing;

Easier breathing, as Himalayan salt reduces inflammation and helps fight off infections, clear respiratory blockages by drawing fluid from swollen lung linings and sinus tissues, caused by allergies, asthma, and even smoker’s cough;

 More energy and enhanced well-being, as negative ions boost serotonin, the happiness hormone that is widely believed to have positive impacts on memory, mood, and sleep, as well as appetite and digestion.

Himalayan Salt Therapy Pro Tip: Eat a light snack (fruit is perfect) and drink plenty of water before and after your halotherapy session, as staying well hydrated helps clear clogged airways and eliminate toxins.




Service Duration​

30 minutes​

How Often to Use Himalayan Salt Therapy

As often as daily as possible